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What is AWOLF GGE?

Do you have a Garage, Gate, or Home/Work Entrance, where the WiFi is come and go, or not there at all?

If you select the cellular model of AWolf GGE(LTE), you won't ever need to be worried about your smart garage/gate/entrance, not being there when you need it to be, when coming and going.

Gone are the days of waiting for WiFi to kick in as you come home after a long day.


And if for any reason, the cell service is bad in your area, and the connection is dropping, there is always AWolf CGE(WiFi).


If you don't find out, until after your purchase, that the cell service or WiFi sucks in that area, don't worry. As long as you lets us know within 15 days of purchase, and send the original back undamaged, we will gladly send you the other model at no additional charge.

Your experience with our products matters to us.

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What Can IT Do?

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Remote Garage/Gate/Entry Controls

Artboard 19.png

Geofenced Entry/Exit


Control Your Home

Simple Security Cam Integration


Regular Updates


Adaptive UI

Design/Engineered/Manufactured in San Diego, CA


BETA Testers

To maximize garage, gate, and business entry compatibility, we are looking for beta testers. If you would like to be a be beta tester, please sign up here.


Spots are limited, and you will have to agree to provide constructive feedback, and a few other minor terms.

If you would like access to one of the very first 3D printed production units at NO COST, and a chance to win an AWolf V1C for your car.

PReOrdeR Price

Starts Shipping Jan 2022

3D Printed Enclosure

Limited Edition Launch Themes

Signed and Numbered

Supplies Limited

Starts Shipping Mid FEB-MAR 2022

Full Release

The first 300 sold, will be signed and numbered

Different Limited Edition Launch Themes

Supplies Limited

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iPhone X Carbon.jpg
  • WiFi or 4G LTE

  • Bluetooth 4.2

  • NFC

  • WiFi Button (Optional)

  • AWolf Mod Lock Cables (Patend Pending)



More recently, big tech companies, are sharing customer's private data, without the customer's knowledge or explicit permission, and passing it around, like the BBQ sauce, at a family BBQ (Pre COVID).

We at AWOLF are taking a different approach. We are doing everything we can, to not only deliver compelling software /hardware, but also, going to pain staking efforts, to make sure, that your data remains in you hands, not ours, or anyone else's.

We believe, that in a world, where your private thoughts and conversations, are being sold every second, of every day, by those charged with protecting them, that ALL people, and their vehicles and homes, deserve better.


Where you go in your vehicle, is your business, not ours, or anyone else's. How fast you get there, is also not our business either. While we will always recommend obeying the speed limit, we are not here to be your nanny, unless you specifically ask us to.

Even if you do, that data will not leave the device that generates it, as it is there for you, not us. Unless you decide to turn on iCloud Syncing or Shared Vehicle Keys, we don't sync any of user information.


We also only sync or cache, what is absolutely necessary, and that you have explicitly authorized. 


Your data is your data, and we will always treat it as such.

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