AWOLF V1C is finally almost here! Coming this holiday season!

Get ready to ditch your car keys for good, and to do it, in style.


The first batch of preorders will be going the BETA testers for all their time and hard work. Please fill out the BETA signup form and at the end of the signup, you should be presented with checkout. Even if you already did fill it out, please do so again, as the checkout for beta testers will occur after the form submission.


This is where you can select which products you would like to BETA test and purchase them too. If you are not seeing them or any reason, please let me know by email or by chat. If you have any questions which I have not yet addressed, that you would like address before you commit, please reach out, so I can field them accordingly.


NO IMMOBILIZER - The first versions that will ship out of the V1C, will ONLY be for vehicles, with NO immobilizers in them. 


The immobilizer friendly versions, are something which will be finalized throughout the beta testing period, and shipping dates will be announced for those units, as the beta testing concludes. 


As for which cars will be able to be accommodated. Here is some additional clarity, at least as much as I can currently provide publicly.


Without delving heavily into the details, as well as showing you some parts of this, which ONLY the beta testers will be privy to, prior to launch, I will say this. 


The majority of vehicles, made after 2006, should be able to work with this tech. 


Vehicles prior to 2006 can also be adapted to work with it too, but it will likely require more work.


None of which should be deal breakers, but should be considered before purchase. 


Certain vehicles, with more complex ignition and alarm systems, may require addtional time for beta testing, as well as software updates to AWOLF, before full functionality can be taken advantage of. We are more than up to the challenge.


We will be rolling out a streamlined beta testing format, to help ensure, the time needed to test on a new untested vehicle, is not significant, and will be able to be carried out remotely in most instances as well. Log submission will be extremely simple too.


Can you imagine, this on Eleanore? Shipping crates wouldn’t matter.


The way the beta will work, is that after you have submitted a form, and made the subsequent purchase, as long as your car appears to be one, that we are interested in testing on, we will move forward with testing in Dec, when the first test units will go out, and will be in contact in the meantime. 


If for some reason, I or the team, don’t feel your car will be a good candidate, or we already have too many of that vehicle to test on, or the nuances presented by that particular vehicles charging or starting systems, are just going to be too much work for me to overcome, then you will receive a message from me or the team, to it discuss further, and subsequently a refund, if need be. 


If I believe, there is a way to make it work, but it may require additional time, we can make arrangements, if it seems like it would be a good vehicle to include. Some vehicles, will automatically be disqualified, if they have any preexisting electrical and/or ignition issues, and/or are not drivable, and/or just have too many reliability issues beforehand, as this will just hamper our ability to make this compatible with every car you could ever want.


I do not wish to leave anyone behind here, but I also do not wish to over promise and under deliver, quite the opposite. There is quite a bit of ground to cover, and no car is exactly same. I would much rather say maybe about the functionality for now, when I truly believe it will work, but just haven’t tested on that particular vehicle just yet. I don’t have a fleet of vehicles to test on yet, but that is about to change after today.


Wait, can I still purchase one now, even if I don’t want to BETA test??


Yes, please do, as this will help assure, that AWOLF makes it into as many cars as possible, as soon as possible. The trade off is, you just have to be a little more patient for your unit to ship.


If you do not wish to BETA test, you just will NOT receive your perspective items, until or after, the specific units, anticipated shipping dates, and after, the BETA test process has completed, with zero lingering safety concerns, from yours truly, and my team. 


The beta test units, may or may NOT, ship in the same colors, as the 3D printed units, that you will receive at the end of the beta test, upon returning the beta unit. This will allow us, to continue to tune the final materials, until right before they final 3D printed units ship, and to deliver better quality 3D printed parts to you. Please make your color selection now though, so we can prioritize material colors as best as possible too.


These dates were selected very carefully, but these dates are still subject to change. 


If any major issues arise during beta testing, such as any safety concerns that cannot easily be mitigated, without extending the the beta or postponing shipping on the products, or if the current global raw material shortages, somehow, severely impacts our ability to quickly source everything we need, to build each unit to the quality level we feel you deserve for your investment. If any such issues do arise, we will be in touch with any and all impacted customers, to let them know, and provide them, with options on how they would like to proceed.


There is one exception to this, and that is, ALL MERCHANDISE ORDERS will ship immediately, with FREE SHIPPING, and if you include the coupon code AWOLF( ALL CAPS), you will receive a 15% discount on any order place before FRIDAY. (COUPON is for merchandise ONLY) . Every dollar we make goes back into making AWOLF great for you and everyone else you wants in.


If you would like to be one of the first people with a V1C in your ride and/or a GGE in you garage, gate, or entryway this holiday season, or both. 


Then sign up for the BETA, pick your products, and let’s get this going. If you don’t mind waiting, then just use the normal checkout.


The GGE will be great addition for controlling holiday lights too, on top of opening or closing the garage or gate or entryway of your choice. The incredibly tight integration I have been able to achieve with HomeKit, and AWOLF Tech, is better than anything else you will find on the market in this price range, and even more expensive systems will have a hard time meeting this same value proposition. Plus they can't do anything with your car(s) either.


I will be updating the product description pages with UI elements you haven’t seen yet either.


I will be completing additional renders, of AWOLF’s yet to be revealed features, which there are so many of, over the coming days, weeks, and months. If you come up with any ideas you want us to include, send them our way, and as long as we can swing it from a dev and design standpoint, we will do our best, to see your ideas make it into this too.


I can’t wait to get these into your hands!


Thank you,

Spencer Koltun CEO AWOLF

AWolf V1C

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