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Do you want to build a better world? 
Love cars and tech?

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Go Getter

Head of All Non Tech Related

This person will be the right hand when another is needed, and be in charge of keeping things up around the office, and any other tasks they are up to handling, such as learning new skills or getting more hands on with different portions of the business, such as managing the online sales of the business.


Book keeping experience is preferred. The more they are willing to take on, and willing to prove they can handle, the more they will be granted with wage increases wherever possible along the way.

AKA Office Manager

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Head of Sales

The extrovert who can sell anything to anyone. An individual who enjoys getting know the customers, their wants and needs from the AWolf platform, and helping to make sure we are serving them best.


Having a good knowledge base for vehicles is plus too Experience with mobile ads and online marketing is preferred .

If yes, even if there are no posts listed, send us a message, and let us know, that you are interested.
Just attach a brief description, of why you feel you would be a great addition to our team, and a short summary, about you, or something that you feel would tip the scales in your favor. This way, we can reach out to you, when a position opens up. We can't wait to hear from you!

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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!
- Wayne Gretzky
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